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WELCOME HOME TIMELAPSE from Michael Shainblum on Vimeo.

Ever since I was a kid, I have always been mesmerized by extraordinary beauty of my hometown, San Diego. The city has many hidden treasures that have always captivated me, and they continue to do so. I wanted to show the city through my own eyes and artistic vision. I wanted to showcase San Diego from the eyes of somebody who has lived there their entire life. I have been working on this piece for about four months to really harness the details and create a visually striking Timelapse film. I wanted to make something that was unique to my own perspective of filmmaking. I also wanted to create something that I could look back and see all of the places I used to go.

Filmed & Edited By: Michael Shainblum

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Timelapse Motion Made Possible By:
Dynamic Perception

Music: Hooray for Earth - True Loves
Licensed by Kosuke Kasza (Dovecote Records)

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Finding Portland from Uncage the Soul Productions on Vimeo.

Produced 2012 by Uncage the Soul Productions
Ben Canales, John Waller, Steve Engman, Blake Johnson

To plan your adventure to Portland, visit Travel Portland at

Finding Portland was produced, shot, and edited in 51 days during March and April at the invitation of TEDx Portland, where the video was unveiled to a sell out crowd of 650 and met with a standing ovation. Filmed in Portland and the Columbia Gorge, this time-lapse piece offers a new perspective to the City of Roses. From a Portland Timbers season opening soccer game, to the top of the Fremont Bridge, to an aerial shot of Oneonta Gorge, Finding Portland tells the story of a city and its many faces.

Comprised of 308, 829 photographs taken from over 50 unique locations, it took an average of 3.8 hours to make each second of this film. The intent of the project was to place our cameras in unique locations across the city, achieve significant ranges of dynamic camera motion, and pursue cutting edge time-lapse techniques.

Behind the scenes video and photos are posted at

The entire TEDx Portland presentation of Finding Portland by John Waller and Ben Canales will be online in May at

Many thanks to those who supported us in this project including…

Original Music Composition by Peter Bosack

Pro Photo Supply…still and video camera and audio equipment support

Dynamic Perception…motion time-lapse systems

Aerial Technology International…remote aerial video and photography

Cam Block Modular Motion Control

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DJI PHANTOM FIREWORKS from Gasper C on Vimeo.

My buddy decided to take his Phantom and fly it through some fireworks. This is the result.

BM Pocket + Dragon Gimbal Demo Shots from followcopter on Vimeo.

no software stabilization, 3way color correction only
BMPCC with Lumix 7-14, Kowa 8mm
Rosewhite Dragon 2-Axis Brushless Gimbal

FreeOV - unpole your camera from followcopter on Vimeo.

Snow conditions were anything but rad - thus Mike Basich and Nicholas Wolken teamed up with Christoph Thoresen in order to collect some footage worth watching.
In a close future your GoPro might be able to fly automatically behind and all around you, but for now this needs some good old manual piloting skills.

Music: Colourmusic / You For Leaving Me
Riders: Mike Basich /Nichoals Wolken
Camera: Christoph Thoresen

Europe 24 from NATS on Vimeo.

This data visualization of Air Traffic in Europe was created from real flight data. It shows the air traffic which flies on a typical summer day and highlights the intensity of the operation in Europe - an operation which runs 24x7x365.

NATS and the UK are at the heart of the operation. With Heathrow as the busiest international airport in Europe, and Gatwick as the busiest single runway airport in the world, we play a key role in ensuring air traffic under our control in European airspace is as safe and efficient as it can be.

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The Wolf of Wall Street Chest Thump Mix from Eclectic Method on Vimeo.


The Wolf of Wall Street out on Bluray 25th March 2014

VIDEO CUTS BY Gurney Burble